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Jul. 25th, 2016 09:31 pm
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If you need to talk to me about anything, feel free to use this.
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NAME: Empyreal Dragon
JOURNAL: [info]digitalringhals
EMAIL: (edited out to prevent spamming)
AIM: RainstormDrake

CHARACTER NAME: Freelancer Washington
FANDOM: Red vs. Blue
CANON: End of Reconstruction on activating the EMP (It's a stable starting point to pull him from. Pulling him from later leaves way too much up in the air thanks to the seasons since then.)
WHAT THEY LOST: All the Freelancer abilities that he was carrying that he picked up doing Recovery work (He definitely had York's healing unit, and it could be theorized that he might have South Dakota's domed energy shield, though he never used it. And they never say what he had for his own specific enhancement)

Washington is on the surface a cold, hard man with a cynical look at the world. He has a dry sense of humor, sarcastic at times that he tends to apply in situations that annoy him or make no sense. Washington is also notoriously big on keeping information to himself. He's extremely wary about trusting anything and is extremely paranoid. Allies and those that are useful, he will work with and even on rare occasions put his neck out for, such as when he helped South when he was supposed to kill her. Betray that or get in his way, and he will get rid of the problem. He's also very good at holding a grudge.

Washington does have a surprising amount of patience and is good at long-term planning, but not in very obvious ways until the very end. He knew about what the director of the Freelancer program had done from Epsilon, and he kept that quiet for a long time. He did this to the point that he was trusted enough to be used for recovery missions. When the time was right, he used the information from Epsilon's memories to set off a fail-safe in headquarters to destroy everything mechanical.

Underneath all of that is something else though. A person that has been back-stabbed and betrayed too many times. One that had the misfortune of dealing with the sensation of an artificial intelligence going insane and killing itself in his head. Because of the implantation of that AI, Epsilon, Washington knows the true extent of the Freelancer project. He has the memories that were shed by the original AI, the Alpha, to keep sane. Between all of these, while he is an extremely strong person, you end up with someone that could easily end up snapping and doing a lot of damage.

Washington definitely wasn't as happy with the results of dealing with command as he thought he'd be. True enough, he hadn't gone into the plan with high hopes for his own survival, and the EMP had been successfully activated.

Not everything had gone as expected. It had been a nasty surprise when the Director deactivated the force field in between him and the Meta and gave the order to kill. But the mission was still completed.

However, none of what happened at command could remotely explain how Washington had gotten to this strange bedroom that he was in now, leaning on the wall in the spot he'd arrived at for support. It just didn't make any sense. Was he dead? Did he snap again and completely lose his mind?

To make matters worse, the wound from being shot by the Meta was there, and the healing enhancement that had saved him from South shooting him in the back was somehow gone from his armor. If he didn't figure out something fast, even if he wasn't dead yet, he would be soon enough. His body was getting weaker every second that he hesitated.

Washington sighed, trying his best to ignore the pain that he was in. "I swear, this day couldn't get much worse. I just hope those idiots managed to not fuck up for once and got Epsilon out safely. At least then I won't have died for nothing."

As much as Washington had been watching his surroundings, he hadn't noticed the open journal that was near him. It was just a book, after all.

You know, I shouldn't be surprised about things making absolutely no sense after all that has happened to me lately. I really shouldn't. Especially after dealing with Caboose.

This is going a little far though. You really expect me to believe that I've somehow ended up in a magical castle? You people really need to come up with a better story than that. Church being a ghost was more believable.

Give me one good reason why I should believe any of this is real, and not a sign that I lost it again.


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